Thursday, May 20, 2021

For those interested in a Bike Touring manual with a fold I have just published "Touring on a Folding Bike" (not such an original name I realise...). It is a guide on how to travel and explore the world using a folding bike. Discover the advantages of touring with a small and easy to carry bicycle and the amazing opportunities it opens up for the keen cyclist. Hopefully you will find some good advice, fruit of several years of experience on a Brompton folding bike. 
While the book is mostly for the less experienced cyclists, maybe thinking to tour for the first time - at least on a folding bike - I hope that even the more experienced bike tourist will find some valuable and useful advice. For those that have followed my YouTube Channel, while some of the information has been covered in the videos, the book provides more insights into the process I follow before and during a bike tour, in what I hope is an easy to read and well structured way. 


Sunday, May 16, 2021


A Brompton combined with a train journey can make it really easy to explore the best parts while skipping what is less interesting or places one has already seen. In this ride along the South Devon coast Andy makes the best of the ease with which our favourite folder can be easily transported.

Watch the video here


Sunday, May 9, 2021


The combination of COVID restrictions on travel and the forecast of good and dry late April weather, spurred me to finally take a tour of England, home away from home for many years. In this tour, started from central London, I followed mostly National Cycle Network routes available on, moving South and the West to Land's End and returning to Bath, my final destination. 

I have created 15 sections which reflect the day stages I followed. To download the GPX files simply click on the links below:


Friday, May 7, 2021


A beautifully shot short movie on a 2 days ride on a Brompton following the Pened├Ęs route in Catalonia.  For a total of 153 km and 2100 metres total climbed and using a light back packing style on a Brompton. 

Watch the full video



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