Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting ready for my first Brompton cycling tour the only modification I thought would be necessary is in the hand grip. Bromptons stock handlebar grips are made of foam, are comfortable but only allow for a standard hand position. In my experience while cycling long distance it is necessary to be able to shift position in order to relax muscles and make the ride less taxing.
Having used Ergon GP2 Grips on my Dahon folding bike I thought they were extremely comfortable. The extensions allow a more extended position but also they are designed in such a way that the palm of your hand can rest naturally on the flattened surface and make for a much more comfortable ride overall.
On my M-type Brompton these had to be cut to size as their length was excessive, otherwise they do not seem to affect the fold of the bike and the handlebar is folded to its original position with the handlebar extensions only lightly touching the floor.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One of the best things about a cycling trip is the ability to take pictures and nowadays with technology becoming more and more compact and easy to use taking videos too. Searching the web for a solution I found several options but most of them meant fitting an attachment to the handlebar or to a helmet.
I liked a lower view while taking a video or a ride and thought I would test something much more simple.
I found that using a belt with some kind of elastic rope and a plastic stopper works a treat! Tied to the waist and with very slight adjustment to get the right frame one can get a perfect video with handlebar view but not only this. You can move the phone to your side for a roadside view or to the back to get a rear view of your ride.
Seems much more than any of the commercial solutions can offer!


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