Who is Brompton Traveler

Ciao! I'm Gianni, a passionate bike adventurer born in the enchanting town of Rovereto nestled in the Italian Alps. My heart beats for one thing—cycling. I've transformed my passion from an initial focus to training for speed and fast times into a slow journey of discovery, using the power of pedals to unravel the secrets of the world. As a dedicated explorer, I try to share the beauty of bike touring using videos, books, photography and blog articles. A bicycle is not just a mode of transportation; it's a philosophy—a way to intimately connect with the landscapes, cultures, and stories that unfold while touring. If you are here you have likely stumbled upon one of my videos on Brompton Traveler YouTube channel. This blog collects all of my 'work' in an effort to inspire and share the joy of bike touring and the incredible experiences it brings.

For those interested in bike touring stories from all over the world, I've poured my touring adventures into two books, Unfolding Travels and Unfolding Further where I hope to convey the magic that happens when you pair a bike with boundless curiosity. Another book, 'Touring with a Folding Bike', is rather a manual where I share my experience, providing tips and ideas that have helped me tour using the convenience that a folding bike can bring. Thanks for joining me on this thrilling ride, where the love for cycling transforms into a kaleidoscope of stories, tips, and the sheer delight of exploring the world on two wheels. Let's pedal together and uncover the extraordinary!