Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Terranova Zephyros Lite Tent

I decided to buy this tent as it was extremely light, very compact and had very good reviews both on the web and from outdoor magazines here in the UK.
I have used the  Zephyros 1 Lite Tent on my most recent tour on the US Pacific Coast and found it to be an ideal tent for any cycling tour where weight reduction and a small packing size is important.
Traveling with a Brompton bicycle I needed a tent that would  fit in my rucksack or T Bag, and this seemed the best option for my budget.

Setting it up is very straight forward and really fast after a few times practice. The flysheet and inner tent are attached meaning that the tent is erected in one simple step after the single pole is inserted. On setup,  the flysheet covers the inner tent, meaning that it can be pitched under the rain without getting the inner part wet. I often encountered cold temperatures, fog and some light rain during my trip and the tent functioned really well in keeping me dry. Condensation was not excessive and could be reduced if you use it in warmer seasons when the flysheet door can be kept slightly unzipped, improving the air circulation. Having to keep warm at night meant that I didn't have this option, still the vents on the inner tent functioned really well to disperse excessive condensation and in certain conditions I found myself waking up in the morning to a completely dry flysheet.
The size of the packed tent as I said was an important feature to me and it proved a fantastic compact tent that easily fit in my Brompton T bag during the tour.

The tent being compact means that one has to make some compromises in space. The Zephyros 1 Lite Tent has a rather small inner tent footprints. I am 1.80cm ( 5ft.10 ) tall and sitting in the middle of the tent at its highest point, my head almost touches the top of the inner tent. The vestibule is spacious enough to store my backpack, shoes and even an extra bag should I need to. If one uses a tent not only to sleep in but also to spend time and relax during the day,  a more spacious option would be recommended.

To conclude on a tour where weight and luggage space is at a premium I highly recommend a compact tent like this model and despite the light components of this tent, often the sign of a hefty price, I found the cost to still be affordable too and it will serve me on many more trips in the future.


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