Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am a big fan of Schwalbe Marathon tyres. I have used them on regular bikes as well as more recently on the two folding bikes I own. I have always found them worth their premium price.
The main reason why I really think they are the best tyres I have owned so far is duration but even more importantly, puncture protection.
I have often heard bicycle mechanics praising them for the same qualities but my praise comes from direct experience. On my Dahon folder that I mostly use on city rides I haven't got a puncture in 3 years which I think is a testament to the quality of these tyres.
During a 1350 kilometres tour on my Brompton the tyres held on really well even when carrying the load of extra luggage. Over sixteen days I have found myself a few times needing to cycle on dirty side lanes with lots of debris and only on a particularly bad section, I had to ride for over three hours did I experience one puncture. On repairing the tyre I found out that a sharp and thin metal staple had somehow managed to get straight into the tyre. After inspection of the tyre at the end of that day I thought it was still remarkable that no other objects had managed to get into the tyre despite the weight I was carrying.



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