Tibet to Burma on a Brompton

I have visited China almost every year in the 90s and have become quite adept at negotiating the bureaucracy and red tape required to get in and travel around. The rules and regulations seem to change every few years depending on the political climate and on other factors such as reciprocal country-to-country deals.
As the holder of an Australian passport I have found it quite easy to get a multiple entry in previous years, simply by submitting an itinerary to the Chinese consulate in Sydney. However in Xi Jinping era the regulations have been tightened up, for no obvious reason.

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Install and Remove Brompton Rack

As I discussed before, when transporting the bike on a flight, the rack is the most vulnerable part that could be damaged. For this reason, learning how to remove and install a rack is an important skill when you travel with your Brompton. In this video I show the steps involved as I move a rack from one bike to another one.

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