Wotancraft Pioneer Bag Series

For 10 years, WOTANCRAFT has been producing vintage camera bags, daily bags, and watch straps. They have now expanded their creations to bicycle bags having recently come out with the PIONEER SERIES which is specifically designed for Brompton. These bags focus on quick installation and release, expandable add-ons, and lightweight and are able to adapt to all types of scenarios whether it is your next adventure or your everyday ride. The Pioneer Series consists of four bags: the Stem Bag Set, the Basket Bag, the Expandable Front Bag, and the Saddle Pouch, all available in a black or khaki colour. What sets these bags apart from the competition is the ability to customise them by fitting add-ons, letting you adapt each bag to the use you make of it. I found the basket bag double function as an open basket as well as an enclosed large bag really practical and useful. The Stem Set bag system to attach it and remove it by magnetic straps - shows that a lot of thought was given to ease of use. The Expandable Front Bag’s attention to details shows in the elegant interior of the bag with multiple pockets and separations that help you best organise your contents. 

Stem Bag Set  

Like all other bags in the series is made of military-grade Cordura that is anti-scuff and tear and has a PU coating that makes it water repellent. The set consist of a handlebar bag attached to another pouch facing the rider that could be used to store a water bottle but with a leather strap that can completely close the top it could also store any other item securely. The two bags can also be uncoupled by unclipping two buckles, and used separately when needed. Another characteristic it shares with the other bags is the webbing straps that are used to attach expandable add-ons to increase its functionality. What I most like about this bag is the exclusive Quick-Snap system, a clever magnet locking system that can be released from the bike within a second by pulling on the handle and strap in opposite directions. This locks and unlocks the strap really well, making it very easy to remove the bag when for example you need to fold your Brompton. The bag itself has a plain compartment and a zipper that is enclosed and protected by a strip of Cordura material to ensure that it is not exposed should it rain. 

Basket Bag

The basket bag, once combined with a front frame and aluminium skeleton that are sold separately, clips onto the Brompton’s front block and is the most spacious bag in the Pioneer Series with a 22 litres capacity. It’s a very interesting bag Because it can be used as an open basket to carry your shopping or, simply by pulling out the fabric inside, extended into a much more spacious roll top bag that ensures the content is well protected from dust and rain. As i mentioned already a unique feature of this series is the extra add-ons that easily attach to the webbing on each bag using YKK snap-on buckles. Some of the modules currently available include a zipper pouch, a drawstring pouch, a phone pouch as well as a coin pouch. This system allows to quickly combine different modules and is a clever solution to adapt the bag to different occasions. Another add-on is the padded strap that turns it into a comfortable bag to carry on your shoulder. Finally on the inside of the bag, or the outside when the bag is extended, we have a large zippered pocket for safe storage of keys or a wallet. 

Expandable Front Bag

The expandable bag is a compact bag. it clips on a smaller front block, sold separately, and expands simply by loosening the top strap to an advertised 5L capacity. The interior of this bag is particularly elegant and well designed with 3 elastic pockets and a zipper pocket that can be used to neatly organise the stuff you carry. It has 3 handles and a YKK water-resistant zipper that comes with 2 classy leather loops that make opening and closing of the bag very easy even while sitting on the bike. Again add-ons can easily be attached or detached to this bag. 

Saddle Pouch

The last bag of the series is the saddle pouch, a typical bike packing style bag that loops around the saddle frame. With a roll top closure it provides some extra space where you can store something small like for example a light jacket. 

Overall each bag in the Pioneer Series is very well designed with good attention to small details and a quality that justifies their price tag. This is clear from the start as you receive the parcel where each bag is delivered inside its own dust proof bag to further protect it. I find the vintage aesthetics - more evident on the brown Khaki colour version - a great match for a Brompton.  

To check further details and prices of all bags in the series go to the Wotancraft’s online store