Ergon GP2 Hand Grips

When touring with a Brompton folder it is necessary to have some extra hand grips to give you comfort while riding. Bromptons stock handlebar grips are made of foam and are comfortable only for shorter commuting trips. In my experience while cycling long distance it is necessary to be able to shift position in order to relax muscles and make the ride less taxing.
Having used them for many years I can say that  Ergon GP2 Grips perfectly fit these needs and are extremely comfortable. The extensions allow a more extended position but also they are designed in such a way that the palm of your hand can rest naturally on the flattened surface and make for a much more comfortable ride overall.
On M-type Bromptons they need to be slightly trimmed as their length is excessive so just ask your Bike shop to do so when they fit them on the bike. They do not affect the fold of the bike and the handlebar is folded to its original position with the handlebar extensions only lightly resting on the floor.


Miguel said...

I have Ergon grips on my Bridgestone XO3 aand love them. Do they interfere with rolling the Bromptonwhen folded?

By the way, you've got a great site on touring with the Brompton.

Gianni Filippini said...

Hi Miguel and thanks. Using them on the Brompton doesn't affect the fold itself but it is a very tight fit and mine just lightly touch the floor when the bike is folded. They might interfere with rolling the folded Brompton but I believe that with a little adjustment and turning the grips to a different angle might just do it... I personally don't roll the bike folded so i was more interested in fitting them at an angle that makes for a comfortable ride as well as not affecting the fold of the bike.