Packing the Brompton for Air Travel

Travelling with the Brompton to far away places by air is convenient but you have to be careful on how to pack it and protect the more sensitive or protruding ends. Many use hard cases or semi-hard cases; but if you are ending your cycling tour at a point other than your start point, these hard cases are going to be a problem carrying around on the bike.
I frequently travel with a Brompton that is packed into an IKEA Dimpa Bag. It's a soft bag so some additional protection has to be done. This bag folds into a small, convenient piece, making it easy to carry around. Now the things is to ensure that the protection boards and pieces used are also foldable and easily carried on the bike.


Unknown said...

Perfect! Cheap and lightweight! Thanks for the info :)

Gianni Filippini said...

You are welcome. Light is the keyword... :)

Frappier Delphine said...