San Diego to Vancouver on the Sierra Cascades

Why such a long way on a small bike? a passer-by asked me on the Sidmouth promenade as I prepared myself for the climb out of town.
He listened as I tried to tell him that beautiful things come in small packages but as he began to talk about his Bmw Gs I realised he was beyond redemption.
What I didn’t tell him were my plans to ride a Brompton from San Diego to Vancouver (BC) along the Sierra Cascades, the cycle route that shadows the better-known Pacific Crest Trail across the Unites States. To describe the SC in one word, it is mountainous. The route conquers seven ranges, the greatest of which are the Sierra Nevadas in California and the Cascades through Oregon and Washington, for a total ascent of about 150,000′ over 2400 miles.

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