Anker PowerPort Solar Lite

I had the chance to try the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite on my latest cycling tours of Utah and Colorado as well as Morocco. The two panels solar chargers worked really well, keeping an Anker battery charger always full and ready to charge my gadgets at the end of each day. Conditions were ideal during the tour as I got plenty of sun most days, but it certainly produced enough charge; for the 20 days touring I never had to plug in my gadgets. If camping in a tent is the main way to spend the night it is always a challenge to keep everything in charge due to the lack of electricity. In the past I would try my best and spend time in cafes and restaurants in order to do so but this time I was able to not do that thanks to the solar panels. On a Brompton as you can see from the picture, the panel can be opened on the top of the T-Bag and secured by way of carabiner to the two plastic loops that are available by the side of the bag. Plate was not included but as you can see the panel offers a great opportunity to elegantly display that too.