Gear Shifter Troubleshooting

Some Brompton owners who purchased new models with the updated shifters ( 2017 model ) refer of an issue when the shifters are affected by extremely hot temperatures and humidity. During travels in hot countries users reports how their shifters happen to get stuck and unable to shift to a higher gears.

A solution is explained in this article but for a clear video on what is involved should you have to fix it Wilhelm created a clear video explaining the procedure.

Watch video here


Gryphonisle said...

What about those of us with the old model shifters having similar problems? My bike dates to 2015. Left side shifter stopped working, worked fine on morning commute. I suspect while folded over the front wheel did something that screwed things up, but I can’t see anything obvious yet the left hand shifter is stiff, and while it moves, it has no apparent effect on the cable or the hub gears.

Gianni Filippini said...

I must say gears are my only disappointment in Brompton bikes. I think for the price of the bike they should have something much better than what they offer. Even the new ones I feel are not great and I had similar problems. On the old ones what worked for me in the past was opening the case and greasing the plastic parts that shift the gear ( it has a kind of tooth that clicks when you shift... )