Saturday, June 10, 2017

Utah - Colorado

A diary from a 1350 kilometres bike tour through the National Parks and Mesas of Utah and Colorado. Once again the Brompton little folder proved to be most reliable and not a bad climber either.

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  1. Otra excelente aventura Gianni.
    Muy exigente en la forma física.
    Espero que publiques el vídeo que será espectacular.

    Saludos. Gerardo.

  2. Thanks Gerardo. Working on the video soon!

  3. Hi, I saw this blog and was thinking if you could give some tips. I am from Asia and will going Barcelona and thinking to bring Brompton over to move around in the city. Is it safe? Also thinking to travel in train to other countries like France, Switzerland and Germany.

  4. Hello, I have never visited Barcelona myself but I have toured in Spain and the other countries you mention. As far as safe if you mean traffic and you mostly will cycle in cities you will need to be a little careful. In Europe drivers are used to bicycle but cities traffic is moving quite fast and you have to be smart and chose the smaller roads to increase safety. Brompton is ideal to move around and to get on train of course, you probably know that already. Only one thing is to be careful if you leave it parked for a long time in cities like Barcelona but not only. They are becoming popular bikes that can draw some attention from thieves. Make sure you have good locks and try not to leave your bike unattended for too long. Hope this helps.



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